Top of Marin Stewardship

with a concern for open space...

Top of Marin Stewardship

with a concern for open space...

To contact any of the Leads in our group:

Our Vision Lead: Mardi Sicular-Mertens 510-520-4468

Treasurer and Fundraising Lead: Staeppan Snyder

Outreach Temp Lead: Mardi Sicular-Mertens

Website Design:  David Karp 


We have begun meetings to discuss the upcoming sale of the properties on the top of Marin Ave in Berkeley. Thanks to our 2 awesome meeting host families… Emma and Eric Gamon ( ) and… Mardi and Jeff Mertens ( ) for allowing us into their homes so we can begin our efforts. (clap, clap, clap)

Our areas of focus are:
1) Our Vision Committee: For the 12 acres of land that sits above Berkeley, which is about to go up for sale, we wish to explore planning alternatives, to develop ideas for the future…

Lead: Mardi Sicular-Mertens 510-520-4468 990 Overlook Road, Berkeley, Ca. 94708
Team Members:
Blair and Helaine Prentice
Colin Mosher                  
Tsahai Ungar                  
Bruce Gurganus             
Bill Schechner                 
Greg Ward                     

2) The process and planning committee:  the historical group
To research the history of the land.

Staeppan Snyder        
Don Arbor                 
Enid Camps             
Helaine Prentice          

3.  Fundraising committee
To set up the mechanism for fund raising.

Lead:  Staeppan Snyder (Treasurer)

Colin Mosher          
Emma Gimon          
Elizabeth Addison  
Desmond Simpson 

4) Outreach Committee (needs volunteers)
To reach out to neighbors, the Berkeley planning commission, the EB Regional Parks, EBMUD, the seminary, the CLU, Susan Wengraf and Mayor Jesse Arreguin.

Lead: Mardi Sicular-Mertens 510-520-4468

5.  Website committee
To maintain the website and mailing list

Lead:  David Karp   510-528-6044
Members: Paul Winsberg

To add items to the agenda for our next meeting contact Paul Winsberg

Well, the point is, can you help too?
If you have time or skill in any of these areas, or just time to help…
please contact us (Mardi or Emma) and help move this project forward!